The language that nobody speaks is the language of our bodies, the grammar of passion.

As the fiery young woman Erin says, “Our bodies are another language, but no one speaks it.  People just shout at each other and make noise and call it making love.”  This is a swift, cinematic story of our physical selves, our bodies, what they lead us to do, what we do with them.

We are drawn to the young lovers, Erin and Bart.  Their hunger for each other is simple, dramatic and full of hope.  But as Erin and Bart find themselves – even against their will – getting ever more deeply involved with an older married couple, the nature of erotic life begins to reveal itself as far richer and darker than they had imagined.  The older pair, Lida and Hollis Lord, have an erotic life too, of course, but theirs is stained with biography and with history, with all those things that an older married couple take with them wherever they go, even to bed.  The Language Nobody Speaks is a rapid, turbulent story about passion and sensuality and what we do to find meaning in life.

The Language Nobody Speaks is a humane and wise book about growing up and growing old, about sex as hope and about sex as a hopeless exercise in reviving the past.  It is about the worship of beauty and the body, and about its opposite, our sad consciousness of death.  It is one of the great things about human beings that we can sometimes manage to hold together these opposites in the act of love and marriage… And perhaps the greatest achievement of  The Language Nobody Speaks is its marvelous and gentle generosity of spirit, its ever so slightly ironic affirmation of what it is to be human.        —Douglas Glover, critic, author of The Life and Times of Captain N.

The author’s skillful mix of vivid sexual transactions and reactions, along with humor and deft characterizations, result in a spellbinding voyage towards that language no one quite knows how to speak.      —Bill Katz, editor of Dahl’s History of the Book