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The Writer And His Works

Eugene Mirabelli

You can see Gene’s interview about Renato After Alba  at https://youtu.be/fnwb68Mj21A

Eugene Mirabelli (Gene) was born in 1931. He attended MIT for two years, received a BA from Harvard College, an MA from Johns Hopkins, and a PhD from Harvard University. In 1959 he  married Margaret Ann Black and together they had three children and, as life went on, many grandchildren. Gene retired from teaching in 1995 and is a Professor Emeritus at SUNY-Albany. His wife, Margaret, an editor and book reviewer, died unexpectedly in 2010.

Beginning with his fourth novel, Gene Mirabelli’s works began to form a large and diverse mosaic. The central characters often come from the extended Cavalù and Stillamare families — the Cavalù ancestry includes a man born with the hindquarters and parts of a stallion, while the Stillamare descend from a goddess. These works are The World at Noon, The Language Nobody Speaks, The Passion of Terri Heart, The Goddess in Love with a Horse, and Renato, the Painter. Each novel is an independent, stand-alone story.

The Language Nobody Speaks was one of the very few erotically themed novels to be translated and read in Muslim Turkey during a period of literary freedom. The Goddess in Love with a Horse provides a series of linked stories traveling down the generations to the near present, and Renato, the Painter focuses on one person, Renato, who embodies in his physical self the exuberance, appetites, follies and willfulness of the entire clan.

His most recent work, Renato After Alba, is a follow-up to Renato, the Painter, and was published in November, 2016. An excerpt from that work was featured in the New England Review and is available on this web site.

Gene writes mainstream novels, but his short stories are often in the field of science fiction or fantasy. All but one of his short tales have appeared in either Fantasy & Science Fiction or Asimov’s. They include the Nebula short story finalist “The Woman in Schrodinger’s Wave Equations” which was also included in Nebula Awards Showcase 2008 (Bova, ed.), and “Falling Angel” and “Catalog” in the 2009 and 2010 The Year’s Best Science Fiction and Fantasy (Horton, ed.).

Mirabelli’s elegiac “The Shore at the Edge of the World” appeared in Fantasy & Science Fiction 2013, was reprinted in China’s SFWorld in 2014, and anthologized in Fiction, the French anthology, in 2015. A song for a comic opera based on his story first published in Asimov’s,”The Pastry Chef, the Nanotechnologist, the Aerobics Instructor, and the Plumber” (music by Brett Wery) had a concert premiere in March, 2014. And “Love in Another Language,” which appeared first in Not One of Us, was republished by Lightspeed that same year.