Mirabelli, Eugene

Eugene (or just plain Gene) Mirabelli is the author of nine novels. His literary production has been rich and varied. There is his non-fiction work, his reviews, interviews and opinion pieces, focusing primarily on politics, economics and science, and there is his short fiction — those engaging science-fiction and fantasy tales which have been published here and in Europe. But his novel writing has always been his deepest and richest work. The author’s last six novels, each one a stand-alone fiction, compose a mosaic which becomes visible only when all the pieces are together. The fourth of these works, The Goddess in Love with a Horse, is a series of cascading tales stretching from the 19th century in Sicily into the 20th century in Boston. It provides a genealogy of the extended Cavallù family, those men and women who were “known for being handsome, quick-witted and rash” and who fill the pages of Mirabelli’s other works. Readers of these books have suggested that it would be good to have some of those other works available to fill out the picture, and we hope to have more to say about that in the future. His most recent two novels are Renato the Painter, and it’s sequel, Renato After Alba.