Mirabelli, Eugene

In the course of his long and productive literary career Eugene Mirabelli (or just plain Gene) has written many stories and novels which share characters and histories. The result is a rich mosaic of fictions, a mix of the realistic and the magical, and among these inter-related works are three which have been revised and assembled in the magnum opus, RENATO!, the life affirming history of Renato Stillamare. 

RENATO! will be published this fall. Visit https://www.mcphersonco.com/eugene-mirabelli.html

“Over the decades, and steadily, Eugene Mirabelli has been working on a major canvas—beginning with The Goddess in Love with a Horse and coming to fruition in this work. An artist writing about artists is, always, a bit of a gamble, but it’s this reader’s opinion that our high-stakes gambler has hit the jackpot here. The real and the surreal blend together seamlessly; the love affair endures.”—Nicholas Delbanco, author of Why Writing Matters, and the novel It Is Enough,